40m Pixie Case

The 40m Pixie is a small QRP transceiver and great weekend build. Several weeks ago we built one and the time has come to put it in a case. The only requirements for the case were housing the Pixie and a spot for a 9v battery. Macarr Labs printed the case for this post.

40m Pixie Mounted in the Case. There is a little extra space behind the Pixie to make it easier to work with the connectors.
For the power, a standard connector for a 12V DC wall adapter is used. The 9V battery will have an adapter to plug in to power port.
A BNC connector is used for the antenna connection.
A future version may include a power led above the power switch. Another addition, would be a switch to turn the buzzer on and off.





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2 thoughts on “40m Pixie Case

  1. Really nice work here Matt, thanks for sharing!
    73 de AB1DQ/James

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