Unpacking the 40m Pixie

Several months ago I purchased 2 Pixie QRP Transmitters. The first Pixie will be put together using the instructions; and, the second will be used in a future project. Both were purchased on Amazon. Price was the main reason for selecting this pixie. The seller, Yosoo, sells these for $9.89 and free shipping.


To make it easy during the build, and verify all the parts were received, I like to seperate and tape them down to a piece of paper or cardboard. Identify and label parts that have small writing or are hard to identify. While doing this, I discovered the 3.5mm jacks missing. This won’t be a major issue for the project; but, the seller will be contacted and hopefully will send replacements. One thing to point out, this particular pixie does not come with a BNC connector.

This is part of the documentation that comes with this Pixie. It looks like a copy of a copy and is barely legible.
The schematic looked much better.

For the price paid for this Pixie, I got what I expected. The PCB looks good and most of the parts are there. The documentation was not great; but, at least it was provided. A fellow ham bought a pixie off of ebay and it didn’t come with any paperwork. In the coming week, the Pixie will be assembled and tested. Once this is done, and the seller contacted, an update post will be made.


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