Hub for Portable Dipole and NVIS Antennas.

While checking my portable and emergency operations equipment, I found my NVIS antenna all tangled up. The feed point is soldered together and tie wrapped to a PVC tee. Though the antenna worked good, it was near impossible to store neatly.

To solve this storage issue, I decided to make a new hub that the elements can be easily removed and stored. Macarr Labs printed all 3D printed parts for this post. The mast I use for NVIS is a 1 1/4″ PVC conduit; so, the hub will be designed to slip over the end of the conduit. This size hole also works well with top rail for chain link fence.

Stainless steal screws are used to lock hub on to conduit or fence top rail.

Threaded inserts have been installed were the elements attach to the hub. The holes on the outer edges of the hub are for strain relief of the elements.

Outdoor rated wire with ring terminals soldered on is attached to R-58 coax on the inside of the hub. Hot glue was used to seal the hole where the wire enters the hub. Once longer stainless steel screws are acquired, they will be installed from the bottom up. A wing nut can then be used were the elements attach.


While working on the hub, I decided to try some new insulators. The current ones being used were made out of 3/4″ pvc connectors with hole drilled in them.


After the parts were printed out, they were glued in place using Cyanoacrylate. I am going to test these out but in future versions will be longer with at least one more ring.



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