VFO for the Pixie. Building a Pixie Without the Crystal.

Today we will assemble the Pixie portion of our project. The Pixie is assembled per the instructions with the exception of the oscillator circuit. The scanned schematic below has the components not used highlighted.

Highlighted components are not installed.

Do not install Y1, C3, C7, C8, D2, R6, and W1.

The component labeling in this schematic does not match the original schematic. In later revisions this will be changed to prevent confusion.
Pixie Oscillator parts not installed.

Header pins were installed in the place of C3, Spk jack, and Key jack. The header in place of C3 is to make it easier to connect the VFO. The main reason for the headers on the other ports, is they were not in the package when I received it. 3.5 mm jacks will be connected to female headers and may be easier to work with in a case.







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