2:1 Balun For 2m/6m

Recently, I built a 6m Delta loop using a homebrew 2:1 Balun. The Delta Loop was connected directly to the Ft-891 without a tuner. The Loop was tested using several modes including FT8 and FT4. The transmitter was set to 100W for SSB and 80W FT8/FT4. Usually, I do not like to run that high while operating FT8/FT4. But, I wanted to put a good load on the antenna and balun. Testing went well, so I wanted to share how the balun was constructed.

2 conductors are required for the construction of the 2:1 balun. For this project, 18 AWG wire rated at 600v was used. The toroid used is the T130-0.


Wrap the wires around the toroid 6 times. Any excess black wire can be cut.


Continue wrapping the red wire 6 more times. It will be connected to the beginning of the black wire.


Cut the red wire to length and remove the insulation from the end. Carefully strip about a 1/2″ section of the black wire close to the toroid. Solder the red and black wire together.


Place heat shrink over the solder joint. A jumper from the center conductor of a connector or RF choke is connected directly to one side of the antenna. The other side of the antenna connects to the black lead of the 2:1 balun.


I connected the balun used for the 6m Delta directly to a RF choke. To make it easier to connect the antenna to the balun, fork connectors are soldered to the leads.



1:1 Choke For 2m and 6m

2m Delta Loop Ver 2

2m Delta Loop

6m Delta Loop With 2:1 Balun


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