2m Delta Loop Ver 2


Recently I have been experimenting with a 2m delta loop. The original version was relatively easy to tune and worked well enough to try and improve on the design.


An inch was removed from the boom but the radiating element stays 7′ 6″. Any extra will be trimmed during tuning. A piece of PVC was added to help maintain the delta loops shape.

While installing the PVC in the middle I found and old printed part that worked perfectly as a stand for tuning the antenna.


The desired frequency was 146.460. This is were most simplex operation in my area occurs.

Beginning of 2m Band
End of 2m Band

The 2m Delta Loop tested good across the 2m band. The antenna will be connected to a transmitter and real world testing will be done. Once this is complete an updated post will be made.



2m Delta Loop

6m Delta Loop With 2:1 Balun

6m Delta Loop Rebuilt with Different Matching




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