Field Testing the RCS-10 Arduino Controller.


About a month ago, I finished the RCS-10 Arduino controller. After verifying proper operation, it was installed for field testing. Since then, it has been in operation with my Yaesu FT-891. For information on the build of the controller, click this link or see the links at the bottom of the page.


The foot print of the case for the Arduino Controller is close to the original controller. All of the connections are the same, so installation was easy. It took less than 5 min to remove the old controller and install the new.


No changes are made to the remote antenna switch.


There have been no bugs found in the RCS-10 Arduino Controller. Changing the antennas using buttons is a major improvement over the old selector switch. The LED’s in the buttons are also nice while operating in low light conditions. A LCD screen to display the antenna looks nice, but there is a lot of blank area. In the future, I would like to assign names to the antennas and possibly display more information. Another nice feature would be a memory of the last antenna selected. Over all, I am very happy with this build and will keep it in operation.




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