A Stand For The Ubitx Mic

The Ubitx mic, built several posts back, was a great project and works perfect. The only issue was that it did not have a stand. Today I decided to fix that issue. The main requirements were to securely hold the mic and have an adjustable angle. Since I had a button left over from another project, a PTT will also be installed in the base.


To start the build, a holder was designed for the mic. A M3 screw is used to connect the hinge. Macarr Labs printed all the parts for the Ubitx mic stand.


The base is printed with extra infill to and weight. The holes in the back of the base will accommodate connectors for the PTT.


The button used for the PTT is left over from a past project. This type of button was also used in the hand held PTT and preforms very well.


The collar of the button is glued into the base of the stand. Before installing the button, all the wiring was attached. Since the button has an led and there is plenty of room in the base, it was connected to a standard 12 vdc connector.


Once the wires are soldered on the button, it is installed in the base.


A compartment for all the wiring is in the bottom of the stand. A cover has not been designed for the base yet. It may Have feet designed into the cover.


1/2″ PVC pipe was used to connect the mic holder to the base. It was painted with a paint that is made to stick to plastic. I like to take a real light sand paper and go over the pipe once before painting. If you use regular spray paint, it will chip off.


The mic stand turned out to be quite stable. The angle of the mic is easily adjustable and stays in position after its moved. Glue was not used to connect the PVC. This allows the stand to be taken apart and stored if needed. The LED in the button was a nice touch to the stand. The height of the button turned out nice. It is very comfortable to operate.





Macarr Labs



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