A New Handheld PTT Button.


Several posts back, I made a Handheld PTT button for the Yaesu FT-891 and the Ubitx. The button work well, but had some short comings. A tactile switch was used for the button. This was compact, but the switch had a short throw and did not feel right to me. Also, the cord was not removable and took up extra room while being stored.


The button used in this post is a button left over from a different project. This button has a much better feel to it than the button used in the original post.


A new body was needed for the Handheld PTT. So it would match the Ubitx Mic, the mic was used as a basis for this design. The body was modified so the button would fit and a new top trim piece designed. The rest of the body and end cap were left the same. So it is easy to find in the dark, the body is printed with glow in the dark plastic .


At the top of the body, the inner hole was enlarged to accommodate the lock ring from the button.


The lock ring fits inside the body and is glued in place.


After soldering the wires to the button it was installed in the lock ring.


The dress ring is installed next. It is glued to the body of the PTT, but not to any part of the button. This will allow access to the button if it ever stops functioning.


Next the 3.5 mm jack is connected to the wires and installed in the end cap. The end cap is held in place by friction. The end cap fits tightly in the body, but may need to be glued in the future.


The previous version of the Handheld PTT did not have a removable cord. This version has a jack so the cord can be removed. This makes it much easier to store.


The Handheld PTT turned out great. The button is a vast improvement over the tactile button used in the previous version. The body is slightly bigger and has a more comfortable feel. With a removable cord it is also much easier to store while not in use.






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