Handheld PTT for Yaesu FT-891

Our last project was the PTT Paddle for the Yaesu FT-891. Sometimes I like to operate with a hand held button instead of the paddle. Today’s project we will build a Hand Held Push Button for the FT-891.

The main parts of the button are printed with glow in the dark PLA plastic. For this version, I am going to use a small tactile button. This was used to save space and I had several on hand.
An old 3.5 mm cable will be used as the cord.
A small tie wrap is used for strain relief. Do not tighten it to much at first so you can adjust it.
Before soldering the cord to the button, tin the wires. Do not heat the button to much while soldering.
Once the connections were tested, the button was glued to the main body.
A button guard was added to prevent accidental activation. Black PLA was used since it was a small print and there was just enough at the end of a spool.

The size of the Handheld button felt good. It was very comfortable to hold in the hand. Unfortunately I did not like the feel of the tactile button. The tactile button worked but it would be nice to have a longer push to the button. A new button will be found and a second version of this will be designed.





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