Mic Interface for Yaesu FT-891

The Yaesu FT-891 Mic uses a RJ-45 connector to connect to the transmitter. To connect a different Mic, a conversion to a more standard audio connector is required. To make it easy to connect, I decided to uses a 3.5 mm TRS sockets.

The color code used above is TIA/EIA-568-B

The Pin Out of the connector is listed above. The pins needed for this project are Mic +, Mic -, PTT, and Chassis Ground. Mic + and – are connected to the connector for the mic. PTT and Chassis Ground are connected to the PTT connector.


Since I use a PTT Paddle and Handheld PTT, 2 ports for PTT were wired.

A standard RJ-45 jacked wired TIA/EIA-568-B is used.

Labels are printed into the case.

A standard patch cable can be used to connect the interface. Since the shortest patch cable on hand was 6 feet, I made a short one. If you make you own cable make sure to pair test it before use. The first used had boots for the connectors. This made it difficult to reattach the front of the transmitter. The second cable made did not have boots and fit much better.








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