Building a DK7ZB match for the Yagi Test Setup

Today we will construct a 2m dipole using the DK7ZB match. This matching system is pretty simple to build. Basically, Two pieces of 75 ohm coax are cut to 1/4 wave length and connected between the antenna and the feed line. For this project, I will be using RG-6 Quad shield.

The Test setup was built in a past post using the plans above.

The screw holes for the dipole are sized to install threaded inserts. This should make a strong connection and prevent the treads from striping. The length of the radiating elements were calculated using an online calculator.

The RG-6 used would not accept solder on the outer braid. On the radiating element side, a ring terminal is crimped to the outer braid. The BNC connector side has a small jumper soldered to the connector and connected to the braid with a piece of terminal strip.


Make sure the coax in the matching runs parallel to each other.

The top is printed in green to save time. A second machine was used for the top and was loaded with green.

The new Dipole was easily installed on the boom. Before mounting back on to the testing mast, a small piece of of aluminum and a second u-bolt will be added. Once this is added and the antenna tuned, another post will be made.




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