Yaesu FT-891 Sound Card Interface Cable


The Yaesu FT 891 Transceiver has the capability to connect to a computer and operate data modes. Yaesu sells a cable but it does not come set up for plug and play operation. For what it is, the cable also seems expensive.

The connector on the cable is the same type as the PS2 style keyboard or mouse. After a quick search on amazon, I found several cables. I ordered a 6 foot male to male so the cut off end could be kept as a spare. If you order a non Yaesu cable make sure all pins are connected in the cable.

Ring out each pin with a multi meter. Use a label maker to mark the wires.
Pin out of the connector looking at the back of the transceiver. This is were your cable plugs in.

For this project, I decided to install audio isolation transformers. These are 1:1 audio transformers and isolate the radio from the computer. These are relatively cheap and can be acquired from amazon or an electronics website.

1:1 Audio Transformers
The extra terminal is for the DAKY wire. This is not needed and is for future use.
Label your connections. This is often left out and a year from now you may forget how you wired it.
For the cable that attaches to the FT-891, plastic ties are being used for strain relief.
FT-891 Interface cable ready for final testing.
First test was successful. Turned on the radio and Ukraine was the first to decode.


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12 thoughts on “Yaesu FT-891 Sound Card Interface Cable

  1. Do you plug in your USB cable for CAT control and break isolation that way ?


    1. Yes, I use USB CAT control. I have not had any issues and assume the manufacture has some isolation designed in.


  2. Ernest Arthur King March 20, 2021 — 7:14 pm

    Hi I have a Ft 891 and want to use a Signalink
    With my raspberry pi with Wsjt-x (ft 8) will
    It work?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have not tried using the Signalink with the FT-891. One of the reasons I choose the FT-891 is the ability to connect without extra equipment. I connect my Pi directly to the radio with a set of isolation transformers in between the radio and the Pi.


  3. I am buying an 891 this afternoon from a friend, and want to do phone, CW, and FT8
    Do you know of a good interface that is available?
    Also, I need a mic, as this radio does not have one with it.


    1. I was able to build all the interfaces needed using parts from Amazon. I was given an interface bought from eBay, it worked but failed within 6 months.


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