Preparing to Modify the 40m Pixie

The 40m Pixie is a simple transceiver and a great project. One down fall of the Pixie is the limited ability to change frequency. The frequency is based off of the crystal in the oscillator circuit. The easiest way to change the frequency would be to change the crystal, but they can be hard to source.

We will be experimenting with another more modern solution. The AD9850 is a chip that can be bought on a module and connected to an Arduino. This module is capable of producing a nice sine wave. If we remove the oscillator circuit and use the AD9850 in its place we should be able to easily change frequencies.

The Arduino UNO will be used in this project. A rotary encoder will be attached to change frequency. With the LCD display we can see the frequency the VFO is set to.
Arduino UNO
AD9850 DDS

The 40m Pixie that will be used for this project will be built with the supplied plans. The main difference will be the components for the oscillator will not be soldered in place. As the project makes progress, updated posts will be made.



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