Sealing The 3d Printed Reusable Face Mask

The 3d Printed Reusable Face Mask has turned out well. The original version of the face mask was heated and pressed to your face to form the proper seal. I found this difficult to achieve and found the hard plastic directly on the skin uncomfortable. To make up for this I wanted to try to make a better gasket.


The face mask was scaled up slightly to add room for the gasket.


For the gasket material, I found a 3/8″ thick neoprene strip with adhesive one one side.


A thinner strip of neoprene was used in the nose area. A little hot glue was used to make sure the gasket held in place good.


The neoprene worked very well. It makes the mask more universal and does not require any fitting. After making some straps the face mask will be fully functional.




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