Filter For The 3d Printed Reusable Face Mask.

Today, I wanted to work on the cloth filter for the Reusable 3d Printed Face Mask. For the first prototype filter, a cotton T-shirt was used. I wanted to use a white shirt, but the cotton seemed thin.I found a light blue shirt with thicker material and a higher thread count.


A frame was printed to help form and hold the material in place. The material is cut twice as wide as the frame so it can be doubled over.


The frame is placed so the fabric can be wrapped around it and form a seal when placed in the cover.


The frame holds the cloth in place very tightly . There is enough room to fit more material if desired.


The second cloth filter tested is made with a white cotton glove. For an unknown reason, I have a bag of 100 pair. They look like the gloves butlers wear and are made with the same material as a T-shirt.

First, I place the frame on the fingers of the glove.


Next, the glove was turned inside out over the filter frame. The fingers were spaced out inside the glove so they would cover as much area as possible.


The glove filter barely fit the cover. The compartment was completely filled with the material.


The glove made a very good seal to the front of the mask. It was also very easy to construct since nothing was really modified on the cotton glove. In my next post, I will be exploring options for sealing the sides of the mask better.



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