Modifying The 3d Printed Reusable Face Mask.

In my last post, I printed a face mask designed for a type of HEPA filter. The filter portion was very big, but the part that fit to your face was nice. I decided to modify this design to use a high thread count cloth as the filter.


The previous version was much too big for my face. I decided to modify the female model and see if it was a better fit. Wings have been added so a rubber band can be used to hold the filter cover in place. This should apply constant pressure on the filter for a good seal.


Since I have a toddler, I scaled the model down and printed another version for children. The first scaled down version was too small. It is now being used as a mask for a teddy bear.


The filter cover is completely redesigned. Slots in the side of the filter cover mate up to the wings on the face mask. The cover allows for a filter that is 4 mm thick.


The cover fits very nicely to the mask. A rubber band would be preferred to hold the cover, but I did not have any the right size. My wife had a hair tie that fit perfectly. This will be used until a rubber band of the proper size is found.

Both sizes of the mask worked good. My son loves the toddler version and won’t give it back. A filter will be constructed in our next post.



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