Surgical Mask 3d printed Ear Relief Strap

3d Printer Ear Relief Straps (Ear Savers) are now available at Macarr Labs!

Since N95 mask are scarce right now, many health care facilities only have surgical type mask to provide for most of there staff. When working on a health care job site, this is usually the type of mask supplied for my use. It provides some protection, but the elastic over your ears will make you ears hurt after wearing the mask for a short period of time. After having to work on multiple nurse call systems and having to were masks for several hours each time, I saw the potential value in ear relief straps.


There are many models available for download that look like they would work good. I chose a file that was very popular on Thingiverse, thing #4249113. This device has been reviewed by the National Institute of Health. That is a major contributing factor for selecting this model.


The Ear relief bands are light and print relatively quickly. I have printed several test bands and gave them to medical personnel at facilities I have to work in. In most cases, the users instantly loved the devices.

After use, cleaning is very simple. Just wipe the relief strap off with a disinfectant. As a precaution, I would not share a relief strap with another individual.


If you are a medical facility in North East Florida and have a need for these, send an email to A message can also be sent through the Macarr Labs website.

3d Printer Ear Relief Straps (Ear Savers) are now available at Macarr Labs!



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