Another 3d Printed Reusable Face Mask

In a recent post I test printed a reusable 3d printed face mask. It printed flat and needed to be bent into shape and glued together. The mask was easy to print but bending into shape and sealing was a bit challenging.

After a little searching, I found another mask that does not require as much processing and no gluing. This mask is design to hold a HEPA filter. I do not intend on using a HEPA filter but wanted to print this model to see if this style of mask is easier to fit and seal. The files can be downloaded from Thingiverse (thing 4222563).


The model has 2 different sizes Ladies and Men’s. The man size is larger and is the model selected for this post. I have not tried to fit the mask but the mask seems bigger than expected.


This face mask was printed with 50% infill and no support.


The filter cover needed processing to fit on to the mask. A lot of filing was needed to fit to the face mask. The cover needs a tight fit but it seems like an excess of filing was needed.


Since the Men’s size face mask printed out well, I will try out the ladies size. If a good seal can be obtained, this model will be modified to use a much smaller filter.



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