Ubitx Microphone

For this post, I wanted to put together the microphone that came with the Ubitx Ver 5. The Ubitx comes with a small electret microphone that is not in a case. Many people make a case similar to a handheld portable mic. I wanted it to look more like a standard mic and have a removable cord.


First I soldered wires onto the mic. To make the microphone easier to store, it was connected to a 3.5mm Jack. Being able to remove the cord saves a lot of space.


The mic body was printed in 3 sections. The base were the 3.5 mm jack is located is glued in place so it does not come out when the cord is removed. The top of the mic is held in place by friction.


The mic fits very well in the hand. The body was printed with a lot of infill to add weight. This gives it a nice sturdy feel. In a future post we will build a mic stand with a built in PTT button.





HS Signals Website

Macarr Labs


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