A Different Dipole For The 70cm Yagi.

The 70cm yagi, built several posts back, works great and is easy to assemble and disassemble. This makes it a great choice to experiment with. The dipole can easily be removed and another snapped in place. For this post, we will construct a simple half wave dipole. This dipole will not be folded and easier to tune.


The same bracket used for the original dipole will be used to built this dipole. Stainless screws are used to connect the antenna elements and the feed line.


The length and construction of the elements is the same for this dipole. The main difference between the antennas is the original has the folded back matching section. Since there is no matching section, a section of 75 ohm coax cable is required to get the proper 50 ohm feed.


Each antenna element is made with ceiling grid wire. Make sure to clean and lightly sand the feed point connection on the dipole elements.


Once the dipole was constructed, it was easily installed on the yagi. A small 6.5″ piece of RG-6 was used for matching. Make sure to use a quality 75 Ohm coax. I have a roll of RG-59 cable used for security cameras that has been setting around awhile. I tried using it for this project. No matter what, the SWR would not go below 2. After changing the matching section with a good quality RG-6, a lower SWR was much easier to achieve.







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