Building the 146 Mhz Yagi Dipole Test Setup

Since our last post on the 146 Mhz Yagi Dipole test setup, parts have been acquired for the built. The elements and boom are salvaged TV antenna parts. The brackets holding it together are 3d printed. After designing the brackets, Macarr Labs printed them out.

The reflector and director length were calculated using an online Yagi Calculator. The distance between the elements is also listed in the calculator.
Salvaged boom and elements from an old TV antenna.
The Dipole bracket is printed in 2 pieces. The smaller part keeps the elements from moving around. Threaded inserts are compressed into the printed part.
I like to mark the elements as they are built. This makes final assembly easier.
The elements on the Dipole mount are are temporary and will be changed out during Dipole testing.
The mast in the picture is a stick of pvc conduit. This is temporary until a fiberglass mast is acquired.


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3 thoughts on “Building the 146 Mhz Yagi Dipole Test Setup

  1. Looks great. Have you plotted the swr curve yet ?

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    1. No. I may start by making a matching section for the dipole that is attached but there main purpose was to make sure the brackets were sturdy. I want to try several diffrent dipoles to see how they perform. I also want to find the easiest to build and tune for begginers. I live in a big city that is spread out and alot of begginers have issues getting in to the local simplex nets.


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