146 Mhz Yagi Dipole Testing Setup

There are a several ways to construct yagi antennas. One main difference is the radiating element. To experiment with different radiating elements, I am building a yagi that is easily reconfigured. This will make it possible to test different dipoles and see how they perform under real world conditions.


The reflector and director length were calculated using an online Yagi Calculator. The distance between the elements is also listed in the calculator. This will be used as a starting point and can be adjusted.

The directors and 1/2 wave Dipole will be attached to the boom using 3d printed brackets provided by Macarr Labs.
The boom and elements will be constructed out of a salvaged tv antenna.

The boom and elements will be constructed from salvaged tv antenna parts. For the mast, I am hoping to obtain some fiberglass poles. As this project makes progress updates will be made.



Online Yagi Uda calculator



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