Its Time for Operators to Prepare as Hurricane Dorian Approaches.

Hurricane Dorian is headed our general direction and is projected to be as strong as a category 3 storm. There is still a lot of uncertainty to were it will make land fall; but, it is a good idea to start doing simple things to prepare. Starting now will give you an advantage in case it strikes your area.


Clean Your Yard and Put up Yard Furniture

Go through your yard and pick up everything that is not secured. Store toys and yard furniture in a shed or garage. If you are unable to bring your lawn chairs or table in, flip them over and tie them to something that is secure. This is a very important precaution. If you do not do this, wind could pick the objects up and they will become projectiles.

Check Your Hurricane Supply Kit

Ideally, you would have checked your kit at the beginning of hurricane season. Even if you did, there may have been something you missed. Canned food and medicine have a shelf life. If these items are bad they can make you sick. I am also guilty of borrowing items from the kit and forgetting to replace them.


Make Sure You Have Enough Water

Most sources say you should have a gallon of water per person per day. They also state you should have enough water for 3 days. I prefer to have 2 weeks worth. It is also a good idea to have supplies on hand to sanitize water.

Check all your radio Equipment

Check all your Hand Held radios and put them on there charger. During storms, I keep my station on air. Any unnecessary antennas are lowered and put away. Antennas that will remain on air during the storm are checked and adjusted as necessary. Spare radios and other equipment should be tested and programmed now to insure proper operation during an emergency.


Check Your Local Emergency Management Agency’s Website

If you have not already, check your local emergency management agency’s website. There will be important information specific to your region. Many times evacuation routes and shelters are listed on these websites. If you are unsure about who controls emergency management in your area, your local news station usually has links to important agencies in your area.


Doing the simple things now can cut down on a bunch of frustration later. Even if the storm doesn’t hit your area, it never hurts to be prepared. At least your yard is cleaner, you get to play with radios and your ready for the next storm.




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