Another Useful Knot for Portable Operations The Sheet Bend

I like to use paracord to tie off my antennas and tarps while operating portable. There have been many times where I have had to use a larger rope to extend my paracord. Tying a knot with 2 different rope sizes can be difficult. The Sheet Bend knot is very useful and reliable in these situations. This knot can also be for 2 ropes the same size.

Bend the larger rope over.
Thread the smaller rope under the larger rope and then over the other side of the bend.
Loop under both sides of the larger ropes bend.
Take the smaller rope over the top of the bend and under the smaller ropes loop.
Pull the knot tight. As the smaller rope tightens it will bite down on the larger rope.
Once tight, turn the knot over. The smaller rope should be centered in the bend of the larger rope.


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