Raise 2 Antennas with one Rope. The Man Harness Hitch

Many times while operating portable , you are limited in options for raising antennas. An easy solution if you want multiple antennas is to tie a loop or two a couple feet apart. This will help keep the antennas from getting tangled as you hoist them up.

Start with a loop in your rope.
Move your loop over the top of the rope.
Pull the rope through the loop. Make sure to pull enough rope through for your application.
Tighten down and your ready to go. When using this knot, be aware that the loop will only work in 1 direction. If tied upside down, the loop will tighten or come untied.






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4 thoughts on “Raise 2 Antennas with one Rope. The Man Harness Hitch

  1. I’m enjoying the ‘knot’ series of posts. Keep them coming!
    73 Andrew VK1AD

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