A Folded Dipole For the 70cm Yagi


For today’s project I built a Folded dipole for the 70 cm Yagi. The magnetic mounts used on the 70 cm Yagi boom have made it easy to experiment with different configurations. For the layout of the elements of the yagi click this link.


The folded dipole uses the same type of connector used in the circular polarized yagi post.


A folded dipole is not easily tuned so a form was made to bend the element on. Holes were printed in the form to attach it to a board. This made it much easier to bend the loop.


After forming the loop, it was installed in the magnetic bracket.


Testing with the SWR analyzer showed very good results. Since the element was made with a form the loop was spot on and did not require any adjustments. In the future field tests will be done with all three types of dipoles.









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