A Tripod Mount For The 70 cm Yagi


The 70 cm Yagi antenna has been a fun project. To make field testing easier, I wanted to make a stand to use while operating. I found an old tripod under the work bench and decided to see if it would work with the yagi. The bracket the camera connected to was missing and the latch that held it in place was damaged, but the rest of the tripod was in good shape.


A simple catch was designed to replace the damaged latch on the tripod. The old catch was removed and the new one was installed using the existing screw hole. To connect the mast to the tripod, a base similar to the original camera connector was designed to mate up to the tripod with no modifications. M3 screws will be threaded into the pipe to connect the adapter to the mast.


The adapter was printed in two pieces and connected through the bottom with a screw. If future versions are made of this adapter, they will be printed in one piece.


The adapter was easily installed on the tripod. The new catch holds well, but needs a knob to make it easier to tighten. The fit for the mast is nice and tight . Even without the screws the mast holds very good. Screws will be added to ensure no unwanted movement during operation.


Overall the tripod works well. The antenna can turn 360 degrees and does not feel unstable at any point. The angle of the antenna holds good, but the length of the does add a lot of stress at the pivot point. To make up for the length, a counter weight will be added. A counter weight bracket has been designed, but was not finished in time for this post. Once it is finish a short update post will be made.










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