A counter Weight For The Tripod and 70 cm Yagi


The Tripod mount for the 70 cm Yagi has worked out well. To make it easier to adjust, a counter weight was needed. The boom of the antenna was made a little longer than needed to accommodate the addition of a counter weight.


I wanted the counter weight to be easy to install and the weight to be adjustable. Where the boom attach to the counter weight, the walls are extra thick and reinforced internally.


A water bottle or soda can can be used as the weight. I like the water bottle since it can be resealed after opening. If more weight is needed sand can be used instead of water. After a little testing, I found an unopened bottle of water worked great.


After installation, the tripod and antenna felt much more stable. It is much easier to turn and pivot. The water bottle fits nice and tight. It is held in place by friction. Overall, I am very happy with the counter weight and tripod.









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