Single Lever Paddle For the uBITX

To connect an Iambic or single lever paddle, a small change needs to be made to the uBITX. Since a paddle requires the tip and ring, 2 resistors need to be installed. Once they are installed the uBITX will be able to use a straight key or a paddle.

First remove the key jack.

Remove the connection from the resistor and key pin. There is no need to disconnect the ground from the jack.


I took the supplied 10k and 2.2k resistors and twisted the leads from 1 side together. Solder the twisted side to the 4.7k resistor and the key pin wire. Heat shrink the connection to protect it from shorts.


Activation of the 2.2k resistor produces a dot and the 10k produces a dash. Typically dot is connected to Tip and dash to Ring.

While testing, I decided to make a matching Straight key and Single Lever Paddle. They look great with the uBITX!




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