6m Delta Loop Testing Connected to the Radio

Tuning and testing with the SWR analyzer showed very good results. The match constructed with RG-11 was left attached since the cable is made for the elements. I moved the antenna to tree were I could get it higher. Before connecting to the radio, the SWR was checked. With the extra height, the readings were 1.1.


FT8 was used for most of the testing. As soon as the radio was powered up, I was able to make a 6m contact. After 2 or 3 contacts, the band went dead. Not thinking, I did not get a screenshot of the first contacts. After sending a quick message to a friend, I got a screen shot for 6m. Thanks KX4EX!


Out of curiosity, I checked each band to see if I could get the antenna to tune. With the MFJ-929, I was able to tune 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m, and 40m. Contacts were made on each band except 12m.

15m Contact in Belize.
40m Contact.

I was very pleased with the performance of this antenna. One quick test was done using a phone. It was no more than 6 miles; but, a good exchange was made. Since this antenna will operate on multiple bands with a tuner, I will be looking into ways of making it more portable friendly. As this antenna evolves, more post will be made.








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