6m Delta Loop Extended Radio Testing

After Construction and initial testing, I found the 6m Delta Loop was capable of tuning multiple bands. With the help of the MFJ-929, the Delta loop was capable of being tuned for 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m, 40m. 30m appears to tune at first. while transmitting the radio does not like it.

Since the last post, the delta loop has been tested with all bands that would tune. Over all the results were very good. The worst was 12m, no contacts were made. 20m band conditions have not been the best. Only 2 contacts were made. 40m by far out performed all other bands. It had the most and longest contacts.


Contacts Per Band

12m – 0
15m – 4
17m – 4
20m – 2
40m – 39

13 Colonies Contest Contact
DX Contact 5295 miles / 8522 km
First DX with Delta Loop

With this antenna working on multiple bands, it has a lot of potential for portable operations. In the future modifications will be made to the design to make it lighter and easier to carry. The matching section using RG-11 works well and will be used in future versions.









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