3d Printed Antenna Insulator


While working on an antenna, my wife asked what the small pieces of PVC were for and commented they look funny. Since I have 6 Dipoles, there was a lot of PVC insulators floating around. With this many dipoles, I already felt I was pushing my luck, so I wanted to at least do something about the PVC insulators.

PVC pipe connector being used as a Dipole insulator. While functional, not very pretty

The 3d Printed Antenna Insulator is a simple design. A two ring to help water shed properly and a center shaft that takes the weight of the antenna. The shaft has more infill to provide extra strength.


Green or black plastic help the insulator blend in and help make them less noticeable.


The ring is made wide to help shed water away from the antenna and keeps it from continuing down the support wires or ropes.


The Original 3d Printed Antenna Insulator has been installed and in use for a year. It has been tested using up 100 watts on all HF bands. As repairs and maintenance are needed, each of the dipoles insulators are being replaced with the 3d Printed Antenna insulators. I also keep extra sets in my portable equipment go bag.


Since I started installing these, my wife has taken notice again, only this time was a much more positive reaction. I her words “That looks much better then water pipes hanging from my trees”. The 3d Printed Antenna Insulator has worked so well, Macarr Labs has decided to sell them in their shop.





Macarr Labs

Macarr Labs Shop


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