Flrig CAT Control For The Yaesu FT-891 Using The Raspberry Pi 4.


Flrig is free Amateur Radio software that enables you to control your transceiver with a computer or Raspberry Pi. This software is also capable of interfacing with Fldigi and other digital mode programs to make operation easier. Many of the radios settings have sliders and buttons in the software interface. This is much better than digging through menus to change settings. In this post, we will be setting Flrig up to control a Yaesu FT-891.


In a previous post, I installed Flrig while installing Fldigi.

Installing Fldigi On The Raspberry Pi.


After installing Flrig, start the program. Since the setup has not been done, all of the rig controls are grayed out.


Click on Config, setup and Transceiver to set up your transceiver.


The settings screen will open and display the default settings. The settings needed will differ between brands and different models of radios.


For the Yaesu FT-891, I use the settings in the picture above. I use 19200 Baud rate; so, it doesn’t need to be changed for other programs. Not all programs are capable of communicating at the maximum baud the FT-891 is capable of.


After the settings have been changed, click the Init button. If communications with the transceiver are made, it will change from red to black. Flrig should now have control of the transceiver. To test, change the frequency of the transceiver in Flrig and the frequency of your rig should change.


If you are using Fldigi, rig control has to be setup. Click Configure and Rig control to get to the settings.


To interface with Flrig, check the bow next to Enable flrig xcvr control with fldigi as client. Fldigi will use Flrig to change the frequency of the transceiver and PTT control.


While setting up the rig control, Fldigi started decoding transmissions. The call sign of the the operator is blocked out in green.


Now we can change the frequency in Fldigi and it will change the frequency on the transceiver. Fldigi also controls the PTT, so the VOX does not have to be enabled.








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4 thoughts on “Flrig CAT Control For The Yaesu FT-891 Using The Raspberry Pi 4.

  1. Thanks for the blog. I am not very computer literate but thanks to your blog I was able to get flrig and fldigi working with my ft-891. Any plans of a winlink blog?

    Thanks and look forward to checking things out in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Javier García May 25, 2021 — 9:28 pm

    Hi, thank you for this great project. There’s a SDR receiver designed in Russia, Malahit DSP, that is compatible with TS-480 CAT protocol thru USB, appearing as a serial port and a soundcard (I/Q) on Windows, and compatible with several SDR and CAT control programs. Might it be compatible with Fldigi and Flrig on Rpi?


    1. It could be possible but might run into issues with the driver in the Rpi. If you have one plug it up and see what happens.


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