Installing Fldigi On The Raspberry Pi.


Fldigi is a free amateur radio program that enables you to use many popular digital modes like PSK31. Unlike FT8 and FT4, these digital modes allow the keyboard to keyboard operation. This is an advantage if you want to rag chew or just pass more information than signal reports.

Before installing Fldigi, make sure the Raspberry Pi is up to date. In the command line, interface type ” sudo apt-get update”.


Once the Raspberry Pi has finished, Type “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade”. Once this is done, make sure to reboot the raspberry pi.


After the Pi reboots, navigate to Add/Remove Software in the Main Menu.


The top left corner of the Add/Remove Software window has a search box. Type Fldigi and press enter. Sometimes this takes a minute.


After the Raspberry Pi is done searching, check the box next to Fldigi. I am also installing Flrig and the Fldigi suite XmlRpc Library. This is not required. In the future, I plan on testing CAT control with the Yaesu FT-891.


When Fldigi is opened for the first time, it will open a setup window. At minimum enter your call sign information and sound card settings.


The Raspberry Pi and Fldigi are now ready to start receiving signals from your transceiver. Many operators just send the audio to the transceiver and enable their VOX. Currently, this is how I am operating. In a future post I will look into CAT control for the Yaesu FT-891.



WSJT-X on the Raspberry Pi 4B and Yaesu FT-891.

The Raspberry Pi 4

Getting Started With WSJT-X and the Yaesu FT-891 Transceiver


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3 thoughts on “Installing Fldigi On The Raspberry Pi.

  1. A Raspberry Pi has audio, but obviously not a ‘sound card’; are you using some kind of USB sound card? What would be the settings for the Pi?


    1. Yes, I am using a USB sound card sourced from Amazon. I believe it is branded Sabret. Just plug it in and the Pi should see it.


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