Rebuilding the Portable J-Pole Pt.2

In this post, we will continue to work on our portable J-pole. A new top was printed out. In the original CAD file, I put the screw hole in the wrong place.

Feed point enclosure top.

This antenna will have an open air choke built on with a BNC female connector. This will make it easy to remove the feed line. For more information on the open air choke, Check out my post Basic RF Choke.

The construction of the choke is the same from the post Basic RF Choke
Once the coax and connector are installed, hot glue was used to seal the RF choke. A little spot of hot glue on the sides helps choke hold its shape good.

The Portable J-pole winds up nicely and can easily be put in a back pack. Velcro is used to keep the radials from coming unwound. A knob was added to the spacer bracket to make it easy to install and remove.

Tuning the J-Pole was very easy. It only took 5 min and a little trimming to get the SWR good. About an inch of wire was removed from the tuning stub.


The changes made to the Portable J-pole design worked out very well. It is very easy to deploy and set up the antenna. With the antenna measuring 9.5 in (24 cm), it is easy to store behind the seat of a truck or in a backpack. As a bonus, the feed point enclosure can be used to wind para chord around.



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