Rebuilding the Portable J-Pole

After comparing the home-brew 2m antennas made in past posts, I decided to rebuild the J-Pole antenna. The feed point needed better protection from the elements. In the previous version the connections were just taped. The brackets for spacing and holding the antenna also needed to be stronger.

The enclosure for the feed point is oval to make it easier to wrap the elements around it for storage.
Stainless Steele blind nuts were installed to keep threads from stripping.
Inside the enclosure channels are made for routing the feed point wiring. The cover for the channels also serves as a strain relief.
The spacing bracket clamps down tight to the wire to hold it in place.
The piece at the top is similar to the spacer bracket but, it has an extra screw to help hold the weight of the antenna. There is also a loop at the top to tie a rope through.

So far the antenna rebuild has gone well. The only problem has been the top for the enclosure needs to be reprinted. The screw hole to attach the cover did not line up. In our next post, we will install a redesigned cover and finish our build.



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