KM4NMP Safety Corner Disaster Planning pt.2

To continue with disaster planning, this week we will be going over emergency packs. Some people like to refer to these as go bags. Usually you are not expecting an emergency. When they happen, you need to get to safety quickly. Having a bag already packed with essentials and safety supplies is a great advantage.

Choose a pack that is sturdy and has a lot of compartments. Many people use military surplus or tactical style backpacks. I prefer a simpler canvas backpack with plenty of pockets and several compartments on the inside.

The most important item in the pack is your first aid kit. Make sure you locate it were it is easy to get out. If your first aid kit shares a pocket with other items, it should be on top. For more information on first aid check out my post dedicated to them. KM4NMP Safety Corner First Aid


Food and water are the next most important items. If your pack has side pockets, you can keep a bottle or two there for easy access. Have some snacks like cookies or crackers. There are many choices of freeze dried meals that taste great and are compact. Don’t load yourself down to much with food, a couple of small meals and snack wills do.

A change of clothes is a must. In my pack, I like to keep summer and winter clothes. This is not necessary but you have to remember to change them out as the seasons change. Do not forget socks and underwear. Keep several changes of both.


There are many other good items to keep in your pack. Knives, flashlight and a fire starter are a must. A book or magazine help ease the mind when your at a safe location. Just make sure to leave room to put stuff like your important documents.

Each member of your family should have a pack taylored for there age and needs. Even small children should have a pack. With very young children, it is important to have plenty of diapers and wipes. A couple small toys to keep them occupied and help keep you sane.

Next week we will continue with disaster planning. Till then Stay Safe!

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