555 Morse Code Practice Oscillator

For the first electronics project on the blog, I wanted to start with the 555 Morse Code Practice Oscillator. This is a simple and relatively cheap project. All the parts used on this project are common and can be ordered from any electronics website or Amazon. The frequency range of this oscillator is .5 KHz -1.5 KHz.


First assemble the oscillator on solderless breadboard and test for proper operation. Once tested permanently solder to a project board. VR-1 controls volume of the speaker. VR-2 controls the frequency. This oscillator can accept 6-12VDC power. Soon I will 3d print a case for this project. A future project will be a more modern oscillator using an arduino.

A Little About The 555

The 555 was released in 1972 by Signetics. The chip was designed by Hans R. Camenzind. The number of applications far exceeded his expectation. Being so versatile, you can find them in anything from video games to satellites. At almost 50 years old, this chip is still being produced.


For more on the 555 check out these links.

Transistor Museum Article

555 Projects

Wikipedia 555 IC


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5 thoughts on “555 Morse Code Practice Oscillator

  1. The 555 is one of the most versatile chips out there.

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    1. Almost 50 years old and still being produced and used. Hundreds of uses and reliable.


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