Trying Out SSTV

This week I wanted to try something different. After reading an article on the space station, it dawned on me that the Yaesu ft-891 was pretty much ready for SSTV. Since it is already connected to the computer for CAT control and FT8, the only thing needed was a program.

I choose a free program called MMSSTV. Setup for receive was easy. Unfortunately, I could not get CAT control for PTT and VFO. Screenshots of each setting screen are shown below.

Click on options and select Setup MMSSTV
RX Settings
TX Settings
Misc. Settings. Insure the proper sound card input and output are selected.

After installing the program and setting it up, I left my radio on to see if any signals could be received. The radio was manually tuned to 7.033. In the morning after grabbing some coffee, I checked for any pictures. To my surprise there was.

First image received.

Receiving a transmission gave me a little motivation to get the transmit working. I decided to try and turn on the vox in the radio. Since it was morning, I set the frequency to 14.230. After selecting a photo, I clicked on the TX and the radio keyed up.


To have a more controlled test, I decided to contact a good friend KX4EX. We are located about 10 miles apart, so 20m was not a real good option for testing. The 6m Delta Loop is still up, so we decided to give it a try.

Testing went very well. Power was set to 50w, since the duty cycle of SSTV is very high. We were able to send several photos. Screenshots shown below are from some of our exchanges. Once I find settings that allow CAT control of the Yaesu FT-891 a future post will be made.

KX4EZ Screen Shot

Thank You KX4EZ For assisting with testing!!




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