KM4NMP Safety Corner Summer Sun

Here in North Florida we already have had Temperatures above 90 degrees F. Since its nice outside many operators like to get out to repair antennas and operate portable. With more outdoor exposure and high temperatures dangers arise.

The sun emits UV rays that cause our skin to burn. There are many different sunscreen and sunblock choices. We will not debate on which is best. My thought is, pick one that doesn’t irritate your skin and keeps you from burning. Many people don’t wear sunblock due to sensitive skin or are concerned about the impact of skin products. In these cases wear light colored clothing that breathes and cover as much skin as possible. A hat with a full brim is good too.


Make sure you keep well hydrated. I like to have a bottle of water and/or a sports drink while I’m out. If you notice you are not sweating, drink water as soon as possible. A good sign of dehydration is the lack of urinating and when you do it is a dark color. The best method to prevent dehydration is drinking plenty of water.

With the nice weather comes the bugs. Apply bug repellent when outdoors. Follow the instructions on the label and reapply often. Many times, while I’m working on my antennas, I light a party torch that has citronella. This works best if it is placed up wind of were your working.


It’s exciting to get out the shack to work on projects and operate in the wilderness. Keeping safety on your mind ensures you will have many days of fun. See you next week and Stay Safe!


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