Ansoko ASK-888S UHF Radio Review

The Ansoko ASK-888s in a chinese made 2W UHF budget radio. Typically these radios are sold as a pair and the starting price is around $30. The most common seller of this radio is amazon.

This radio is UHF and the frequency range is 400 – 470 MHZ. Frequencies being used must be pre programmed to a memory slot. There are 16 memory slots. To change memory slot turn the dial on the left by the antenna.


Programing of the memory is done through chirp. I consider this a plus. The Ansoko web site gives pretty good instructions for programing this radio with chirp. There were no issues getting this radio to communicate to the computer. I was able to use the same cable used to program the Baeofeng UV5-R.

At 2 watts this radio is no power house. The manufacture states on there website that this radio is capable of 3 miles in open fields and .5 miles in a residential area. After testing I have found that most of the time they work reliably around .25 miles in my neighborhood. If you are using this radio around or in concrete structures range will drop significantly.

Construction of this radio is not bad. With 2 knobs and 3 buttons , the design of this unit is very simple. Since there is no bells and whistles it is compact. Even though the battery is somewhat small it lasts since this radio only transmits 2 watts.


Even though this handheld is nothing to write home about, It has been very is to program and operate. If you have a need for short distance on a budget, then this radio will work for you. For Amatuer use, there is an issue that has come about with not just this radio but all radios of its type. The FCC has put out a statement saying these are not legal for amatuer use. My understanding though is that this is not final and the ARRL is looking into the issue.

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2 thoughts on “Ansoko ASK-888S UHF Radio Review

  1. I also have one. I liked that it did work through multiple floors on my cruise. I was glad to have the option. The only place that I had difficulty receiving a call was in the buffet room – likely just too much in the way of receiving the signal. Otherwise, worked great.


  2. This is the radio that I like best. I always want to take it with me wherever

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