Tekpower TP30SWI Review

When I started getting into data, I did not want to put the extra stress on my solar system and batteries. While transmitting the power, consumption is much more and battery life suffered. Data was not my main mode, so I didn’t want to put a lot of money into a power supply. Amazon had the Tekpower TP30SWI for $99.99, so I gave it a try.

The TP30SWI is a 13.8V 30 Amp switching power supply. Measuring 3″ x 6″, this power supply is nice and compact. The case is metal and does not feel cheap. A nice feature of this power supply, is that it takes a standard computer power cord. There is a 3 foot cord supplied with the unit.


On the front of the power supply, there is an analog meter. By changing the position of the switch labeled A and V, you can have the meter display voltage or amperage. The Noise offset knob can help remove any noise caused by the power supply. I have never had to adjust this.

There are 3 outputs for power. Two outputs are located on the front of the power supply. These are rated at 3 amps and have snap in connectors. The output on the back is rated for max power.

Originally I was going to use this power supply temporarily and get better one down the road. After operating with this power supply for a while, I have decided to keep it. Since installation, there has not been a single problem. I expected this unit to put off noise. There is no difference in noise level when my station changes from battery to the TP30SWI. Even though the gauge is analog, I like it. I tested the output with a multimeter and the gauge is pretty accurate. This is a good budget power supply and would be great if your just getting started.


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