Small Printed Straight Key

3d printed portable straight key

A friend asked if I could 3d print a straight key. After looking at several models online, I did not like any of the designs available. It took a couple revisions but this is what I came up with. One nice feature is that this key uses magnets instead of springs. At 4″ x 1 1/4″ this key is easy to take portable. It is also very light.

This is a Time lapse of the parts being printed.

2 thoughts on “Small Printed Straight Key

  1. Greetings fellow operators! I am a very proud owner of two CW keys from KM4NMP and have used them in my field portable and home stations! The latest straight key is light but strong and very capable. Great action and adjustable magnet spacing keeps the keystrokes smooth! Great work KM4NMP! I am very pleased! De KX4EZ, Bon


  2. John C Reynolds April 6, 2019 — 7:26 pm

    I bought two, one for a friend. They work very well and are perfect for a “GO KIT” !!! de W4IJJ


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