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KM4NMP and assistant Izzy
KM4NMP and assistant Izzy

Hello and welcome to the KM4NMP.com Blog. For my first post I would like to introduce myself. My name is Matthew Carr. From a young age I have always had a fascination with electronics and how things work. In my young teens I started working on and building computers. After high school in 2001, I started work at a company that installs and services life safety and security systems and have been in the industry since.

 In 2015 I found out that the requirement for morse code was dropped and decided to get my Amateur Radio License. That September I was able to take the technician and general exam. The callsign assigned to me is KM4NMP. Early 2018 the company I work for had a need for a Marine Radio Operator Permit (MROP) and General Radiotelegraph Operator License (GROL) on staff. After an online course and a lot of studying, I passed both tests.


 FT8 15m – 80m is where I spend a lot of time operating.  My toddler son is in the shack with me alot and this mode is great when you have a mini tasmanian devil partying in the same room. When the lights are on in the shack the VHF radio is on and monitoring. The NOFARS 146.700 repeater and 146.460 simplex is were the radio is usually set. I try to participate in the weekly nets on both frequencies.

   This site is to discuss projects and radio related things that I find interesting. There will be reviews of equipment and from time to time I will invite guests to write posts and talk about projects they are working on. Any feedback is acceptable and encouraged. To contact please email km4nmp@gmail.com or use https://km4nmp.com/contact/

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